Manufacture of tablets of different shapes (oblong, concave, convex, flat or grooved) in two completely independent compression lines.
Possibility of enteric coating, manufacture of tablets that can be eliminated, prolonged release or effervescent tablets. These tablets can be packed in a later process in cans or blister.


Encapsulated in animal or vegetable capsules, of different formats (format 1, 0 or 00).
Two totally independent encapsulation lines with different production capacities that allow the manufacture of batches of pilot or industrial capsules. Later the manufactured capsules can be packaged in different formats such as blisters or cans.

Fully automatic bagging line with in-line cartooned, which places and folds brochures or leaflets. Batch marking and expiration by pressure. Consult our different formats of blistering, measurements and blister sizes. Possibility of working with different types of PVC according to the product to preserve quality and food safety.


Filling line with two automatic counters in line, connected to a press or screw cap, labeler, printer and weight and metal control in line with automatic rejection.
The cans can contain pressure seal, by induction or heat sealing or lifting of safety seal in the cap, placed by temperature. It would also be possible to fill the entire boat by increasing the space for labeling.


Two independent horizontal Enflex enveloping lines of different capacities and characteristics, for packaging in single-dose envelopes from 2g to 60g of product.

Possibility of 3 or 4 welds and manufacture of single or double envelopes with precut.
It is a very convenient format for product samples that are industrially packaged in another format (for example, in boats).


Ideal packaging format to take the product out of the home. Production line with 6 tracks, with vertical heat sealing and opening by tearing (without precut laser if the quantities do not allow it) Maximum width of 25 mm and different length possibilities. Possibility of printing the coil by flexo that avoids the high preliminary expenses of gravure.


New line of packaging of pre-formed stand-up bags, with different possibilities, such as the placement of a measuring cup in line or filling from 3 different heads, allowing the packaging of different products simultaneously (granules, powders, pellets, fruit pieces) , etc).

The package may contain zipper closure and is thermally sealed. Consult the possibilities of compostable packaging or modified atmosphere injection.


Two completely independent filling lines for the filling of cardboard pots with internal aluminum lining or metal cans, with metal peel-off and plastic over cap.
One of the lines is automatic while the other is more flexible, allowing the packing of lots of different sizes according to the needs.
Possibility of filling cans of different diameters (60, 73, 83 or 99 cm) by auger and vertical or heavy discharge.


A fully automatic line for filling boats, placing a measuring cup, sealing an operculum by induction, simultaneous labeling of the can and lid and marking.

Filling the product in the bottle with auger and placing the lid screw or pressure.

Possibility of placing sleeved type security seal.

Possibility of filling cans of different diameters (60, 73, 83 or 99 cm) by auger and vertical or heavy discharge.


Different mixers at your service, to make different types of blend. Heavy under laminar flow chamber and mixed by different systems depending on the product (band mixer, biconical, by bins system and helical mixing, in mixer or drums). Possibility of unloading bins, big bags, aluminum bags, drums and checking all the critical parameters of the process to obtain homogeneous mixtures and improve the physic-chemical properties of the blend.


Consult our different possibilities of development, manufacture and packaging of liquid products.

Manufacture of syrups in bottles, shoots, liquid sticks, ampoules, etc. and possibility of in-line sterilization by UHT, as well as sleeving by heat sealing or steam tunnel.

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