• Instant Proces S.L.
    Tell us your project and will become a good product
  • Fabricación y envasado
    We offer different packaging systems that meet their needs
  • Diseño de envasado
    We will advise you as to the most appropriate materials or design
  • Sala de formación
    Training your sales team in room tastings
  • Logística
    The benefit of outsourcing their logistics and control of all material


Projecte development, Blend manufacturing, package, logístics


Capsule, blistering, tablets, case, sachets, sticks, liquids package


Food suplements, medicinal plants, dietetic


Automatic and semiautomatic lines, logistics

INSTANT PROCÈS S. L. was founded in 1998 with the aim of manufacturing and packaging coffees, tea and instant soluble products in the field of food and dietary supplements as a 3rd party.

Currently, our know-how, team and facilities allow us to offer a more comprehensive service, focusing on developing new products and improving manufacturing processes and packaging.

Our services cover the entire innovation process, from a brain storming to manufacturing and packaging the final product, taking into account Regulatory issues, labeling, packaging, print design or training for commercial teams, following strict quality standards and continuous improvement.

Our facilities are continuously improving and adapting to new formats and production needs, ensuring product safety and are approved by renowned pharmaceutical companies.

Our large experience developing and manufacturing to our partners allows us to be flexible and agile, adapting their needs providing them products that increase their sales volume.

Our customers include pharmaceutical companies, food industry, well-known companies of dietary or herbal products and world-renowned chefs.